The Surrealist Exhibition – You Are Being Farmed

14 08 2011

The Time Has Come . . . .

You Are Not a Free-Range Chook but a Battery Hen

This post was going to be titled just: You are being farmed. Well . . .if you haven’t realized by now that, politically, economically and socially you are not a free-range chook but a battery hen then perhaps another analogy will help. Author John Perkins says in his most recent newsletter, we are re-living the life and times of Robin Hood. Wherein Prince John (the corporations) exploits the people with the help of the Sheriff of Nottingham (the politicians). In the words of a wise man – in order to experience who you really are you have to experience that which you are not . . so perhaps it’s liberating to discover once in a while that you are a battery hen. In order to get free of the entrapment Perkins suggests that our weapons are not bows and arrows but are keyboards, words and legitimate political protest. (he said this just before occupy Wall Street – Ed)

Subversion in all forms must replace apathy. People power has many faces and our current creative mission must be to find, uncover and discover those words, ideas, creations and moments that will send the message. It is time for we the butterflies of chaos to start flapping our wings, albeit perhaps gently on an individual level, and create the hurricane of legitimate change, for verily it is written – there is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come.

This blog purports to be about sustainability – and it is! Dr Quantum has made a 20 year PLUS study of the subject. There is much that can be said about sustainability. It resonates on many different levels. The best and most radical (meaning at the root) definition that Dr Quantum has found to explain what sustainability IS, is really very simple. Sustainability IS WHAT WORKS. And right now folks the old rah-rah version of predatory capitalism ain’t woikin. What are ya gonna do? Start talkin. Sing like a bird. Tell your story. Make a noise. Write a poem. Run for political office. Get a better education. Make subversive art. Design a recyclable wigwam. Light a candle to the God or Goddess of your understanding. (more on this later) BE THE CHANGE. Because make no mistake the time is NOW.  The hallmark, the distinguishing feature of THAT WHICH NEEDS TO CHANGE is individual stuckness and entrenched group selfishness. Garden party anyone? Oh! More Tea?

The riots that have been in startling evidence around the world lately and spectacularly so in England most recently are the direct result of continued, sustained and prolonged exploitation of underprivileged classes. Public housing estates that have long been a blight on the English landscape have boiled over. Areas of social disadvantage have caught the wave of restlessness and have somehow decided to give the established order the big finger. So how can youths running out of smashed up shop fronts with Sony Play Stations and sporty clothes be counted as protest? Because this is the F#@&ING reality. Time to wake up and smell the coffee. Dr Quantum finds the methods of their protest somewhat hair-raising, nevertheless the responsibility rests with you dear minister and me. As well as them. It is on the shoulders of every publicly elected official who has taken a bribe and been compromised by the forces of greed that the responsibility must now rest. And it is on you & me.

You could take a radical approach to the whole thing and re-frame those English riots as a sort of conceptual art. You could see the riots as a new Dada-ism of political awakening for the elite. You have seen the Fountain of Youth and it wasn’t what you expected eh? Too bad. Time start re-framing a lot of things.

Make no mistake . . .the old idea of capitalism will not stand. It is currently under process of review from far too many.  It is being attacked, radically critiqued by the intelligensia, by politicians and by our Feudal . . .sorry Corporate over-lords. The ensuing chaos will be a sort of ballet of absurdity over the coming weeks, months and years. Watch for ever more sickening propaganda of how much the bank loves you and your kids. How much Monsanto loves the environment. Watch for a new fever pitch in the battle to exploit and manipulate the minds of voters by our elected representatives and if you’re an academic watch for new radical revisions of what it all means – you may even be throwing your hat in the ring to be the voice right now. See also – this blog Media Manager Murdoch’s Operating manual for Spaceship Earth.

And as much as the action-people of this world like to deride theorists as unproductive members of society, there will be a profound trickle down effect and consolidation from the idea mills of our finest minds to those struggling to come to terms with the new political, economic and social realities. That’s you & me by the way. So be on the lookout for some bold, brilliant and new ideas about how to be human in the 21st Century. And while you’re at it consider the possibility that the notion of God/ Goddess as we have traditionally framed It/Him/Her may need some revision. Consider also that Quantum Theory clearly reveals that there is a great big beautiful realm of rich and rare treasures that gives more than enough scope for Gods and Goddesses in abundance. Consider  . . . that the spiritual realm is a distinct possibility. Consider the possibility that the only thing keeping your mind closed to such possibilities is now your Ego. There is no scientific basis for such Egoic certitude of athiesm . . .at all.

Consider also that within this context miracles are possible. The ever-so radical Dr Quantum would like to reiterate . . . Sustainability is what works. Go you miraculous quantum generator of reality par excellence. Go you 21st Century Hu-person. In order to experience that which you are, you must experience that which you are not. Go you good thing. So. . .if you want to get liberated in this life be clear about what you don’t want, consider – right now you are not a free-range chook but a battery hen.

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