This is darE! The disturbing age of rEvolution!

13 04 2012

Toying with the Revolution

found image from: Queer Fat Femme Guide to the Net. 

darE! – stimulating and disturbing YOU NOW

The Zeitgeist is rEevolution > It’s really happening, and it’s happening NOW. This is such a massive . . .such a seismic shift as the cliche would have it, that sometimes it’s difficult to actually see it. The changes are indeed so deep, so tectonic that it may be you do not realize the seemingly stable structure you are on is moving rapidly till it bumps into another structure that exists on the same scale. That’s a BIG bump. Or maybe you do realize – It is stimulating, disturbing. The darE! often brings what the pundits are now calling Dis-continuous change. In other words it may be a kind of change that is unpredictable from the observable sequence of cause and effect in the immediate environment. This is the nature of the Disturbing Age of rEvolution – of darE!

We don’t have a Karl Marx behind this revolution. We have thousands of them. There is no Vladimir Lenin or Mao Tse Tung. That is so last century. Every gamer twitching on a playstation and forking instant noodles into themselves is a revolutionary.

“And the Lord Shall come as a thief in the night”

Gone . . .before you even knew she was there. To destroy everything. To change everything. To make everything new, beautiful, fresh. Time to refresh with a tang of zesty fresh Lime!

Plastic gamers / Pretty punk claimers / Ridiculous no-shamers / Intransigent strangers / Garbage electrodes recycling detritus / Flash alley fake tan / Take no prisoners / WE ARE THE REVOLUTION / we live in the darE!

darE! – stimulating and disturbing YOU NOW

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