Ayahuasca – A Healing Trip in Peru

16 03 2012

Ayahuasca Visions by Pablo Amaringo

The Inter-dimensional Progression of Consciousness

Dr Quantum has been alerted to a new wave of nature based psychedelics. Seems everyone from Sting and Jim Carey to the little old lady up the road have been ducking off to Peru to have what sounds like the psychedelic healing experience of a lifetime. There is an Ayahuasca ritual done under the guidance of Shamanic practitioners in the rainforest and it’s certainly compelling to hear the first hand reports from people who have just done it. See links below.  There seems to be a sort of consumer version of Ayahuasca called DMT and quite a few people in the West are taking this as well. To give you some sense of perspective the effects of DMT last about 10″ and it’s still pretty jolly amazing from all the first hand accounts seen so far on the internet. The Deep Resonance Ecology version in the Peruvian rainforest by comparison is a 7 hour full-on trip that leaves people . . .reborn. That’s the Ayahuasca. But don’t take my word for it. Check out some of the links below. Image above from > Crucify The Ego

Something is going on here affecting quite a few people in a profound way. Sounds like people taking the substance are having a spiritual and healing experience that is integrating the physical cosmos as we know it with higher planes of consciousness. Dr Quantum predicts that this is going to have a noticeable impact on the consciousness of dire materialism that seems to be upon us at the moment just as the explosion of LSD did back in the 1960’s. For this reason DMT is of course illegal in most countries – it just doesn’t fit with the program of the fascist regime. The two would be mutually exclusive. But not the way Alex Jones tells it – see his video below. (He’s definitely entertaining but if he’s right we’re in trouble!) The deep descent into the abyss of materialism that we are currently living through will inevitably lead to some spectacular turnarounds into and even via the strawberry fields of the transcendental realm. Don’t stray too far into the woods now! It’s the inter-dimensional progression of consciousness

Click here> Extreme Celebrity Ayahuasca Detox  

Sting’s Ayahuasca Expereince below

Artist Alex Grey on his First DMT experience below

The Alex Jones View – you don’t want to go there!



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17 03 2012

Hey Hey Dr Q- Well well. Either it’s one of those serenpidetous (forgive spelling) coincidences or I had mentioned something about my plans to visit Peru and spend some time with the Shipibo shamans in the Amazonas, I’ve even been taking spanish lessons for the past few months in prep.
now I don’t know if i mentioned that to you or it’s just sparked your interest -(thanks Alex Jones and the evil alien elves).
I’ve been interested in the shaman traditions of the Amazon Indians for some years and had played with the idea of going over to Equador back in 2002 to take part in ayahuasca cermeony….but I chickend out. I’ve since met several people in my travels who have rekindled my interest…I hasten to add reports have ranged from accounts like that of Sting in the above vid to ‘the most nightmarish horrific experience of my life’
Just as an important note to Dr Q readers who might be inspired to go out and ‘score’ some DMT from their local street corner dealer-
It’s such a common assumption we westerners make – part of our reductionist/rational paradigm- take something from nature and/or traditional cultures, break it down to it’s individual components- eg isolate a chemical compound, refine it and take it in doses that are virtually guaranteed to fry your brain and bring on psychotic paranoia and preferably do it in the most innapropriate context like at a ‘rave’ or driving a car…then people wonder why evil alien elves have taken up residence in their wardrobe. Consequently the ‘law’ criminalises it to protect…etc and so on.
Like so many medicinal compounds used and held sacred by indigenous people the world over, from ganja to magic mushies, peyote and so on …they are meant to be used as a ‘sacrament’ and a sacred initiation into the deeper mysteries. Ayahusca particularly (so I’ve come to believe) known as “spirit vine or “vine of the soul” has the power to unlock parts of the psyche not normally accessible in our ‘every day’ awareness so as to facilitate a glimpse ‘behind the veil’ of illusion and subjective reality…in so doing, bring about a permanent transformation in individual consciousness based on direct experience.
One of it’s primary uses is as a healer- and it has been used in this way under the guidance of a “currandero” (healer) in the Amazonas cultures -to bring about healing of physical/psychological/emotional illness. The point I’m making I guess is that it should be experienced in a ‘holistic’ ‘whole-istic’ context, not as some chemical derivative.
A source of DMT is the humble ‘acacia’-wattle…and though I’ve had opportunities to partake I haven’t done so…I’m ‘saving myself’ I guess (Ha!)
I havn’t tried ayahuasca ..but I look forward to getting over to Peru (in April/May) and I’ll share my experiences and insights via Dr Q’s blog (for anyone interested).
Meanwhile here’s the place I’m intending to go
and a short doco you might enjoy..

ps great vids and loved the article.

17 03 2012
DR Quantum's Blog

Claude-Paul, you make some very important points. Yes we must set the record straight for people who are contemplating using DMT or Ayahuasca. These things are not party drugs. Recreational drug use can be and often is deadly or very destructive. I use the term Deep Resonance Ecology in the article above. Surely it is time for human beings to start reconnecting a deep and resonating level with the life of this planet. Every bit as amazing as depicted in the movie Avatar and truly so even more amazing than that . . .if we have the eyes to see the ears to hear. Blessings be.

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